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We Love Seeing Kids  

Dr. Randy gets down to the level of your child, sometimes literally. He relates to them, and takes the time to make the experience fun and understandable. Most kids look forward to their adjustments and can’t wait to climb up on the table.

We encourage our parents to trust their intuitive sense about their children. If your child has chronic tummy problems, or your baby cries all night, every night, or behavioral issues,  moms usually sense that something is wrong early on. We also pay attention to these warning signs and collaborate with you in helping to stop these patterns before they become chronic problems

Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby: Care for Expecting Mother

Safe, effective chiropractic care for mom will positively affect the baby as well. By correcting any problems with the spine, pelvis and nervous system of the mother, pregnancy will have less potential for complications. The baby will be less constrained and be able to move much better. Chiropractic care during pregnancy allows your body to nurture and deliver a child better giving your baby a head start to life.

Chiropractic Care is a Family Affair.

Mom and Dad deal with the struggles or compounding stress that drains the energy and causes physical problems to manifest. It leaves you feeling frustrated, dragging, drained and limits your life.   That does not have to be that way either.  No matter what role you are playing; mother, father, husband, wife, employer,  your health will affect others as well.   We are hear for you and your children to help you family thrive.

How We Serve

It is the simple things done with a personal touch that allows us to stand out. You should not only see the difference; you should feel the difference. Here is how we deliver an experience for you:

  • A practice who sees you first as a person, then as a patient.
  • A doctor who seeks to understand your health problems and provides you answers in a simple, understandable way.
  • Staff who are attentive, friendly, and know you by name.
  • A dedicated doctor who incorporates technology and continually trains to improve himself as your chiropractor.
  • An atmosphere that is both positive and inviting that can be fun and informative along the way.

Once you become a patient, you will find that we do the basics exceptionally well. We care deeply about people. Dr. Randy has accumulated more than 15 years of hard-won experience and continuous study to be able to offer our patients the type of elite care that creates consistent results.

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