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About Us

As Peoria’s leading prenatal and pediatric health provider, we welcome you and your little ones to a beautiful and five star experience to sparking your family’s potential. We specialize in family wellness with emphasis in maternal and pediatric care. Our office is set apart from other experiences, not only in expertise and knowledge, but by the personal attention, passion and individualized care we provide with each visit!

Whether you are trying to conceive, expecting a baby, experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, already leading a healthy lifestyle or simply are looking for more for you and your children’s life, we are here to help!

Ignite Family Chiropractic is accustomed to working with all members of your family, from infants just hours old, to spectrum and sensory kiddos, pregnant mamas as well as parents alike! We look forward to helping you through challenges and celebrations including seeing your families and little ones grow year after year!

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