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Dr. Eric loves to treat children, seeing their growth and personality developing over the years. Their parents have noted improvements in their children and infants’ cognition, growth, speech, energy, function and sleep. He also enjoys working with expecting moms and their infants who may need assistance with latching issues or sleeping problems.

His biggest accomplishments include a case where a child was unable to control his bowels. The child went to the bathroom in school and was bullied by his peers. After six months of getting adjusted, his problem went away. The child is thriving today. The power of chiropractic can create remarkable changes!

Other times, patients benefit just from Dr. Eric’s caring manner and listening ear. One such man had lost his brother. During the man’s period of grief, he developed chronic hiccups that went on for two weeks. With a feeling that the man needed connection, Dr. Eric gave him a hug. The hiccups went away, never to return. Dr. Eric’s patients love his compassionate approach to health care.

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