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Everything changed for me when my son turned 7 years old.  I found myself stuck in a constant struggle in every single aspect of our day. When it was time to go to bed, eat, or  even do homework it was an unending battle that never allowed him to enjoy life.

As a father this broke my heart when I saw him struggle.

I began to question everything!
Why was my son stuck?
Why was my son struggling?
I even began to question my own parenting.

But…..I never stopped searching for answers for my child!
And in that journey, I realized that I wasn’t alone.

Note even close…..

There are so many parents out that are desperately searching for answers to the most important question of them all. . . .


Looking back, I realized that he was constantly stuck in a storm since he was born. I saw all the red flags like ear infections, constipation, sensory issues along with others. At the time  ( I didn’t understand it all) I never understood why.

As a parent, I looked for everything on the outside that would help him and nothing seemed to work. At one point he was put on medication which caused him to resemble a zombie and that was not my son.

What I learned since is that my son is not alone….
– 1 in 4 children have a chronic illness.
– 1 in 6 children have a learning disability.
– 1 and 5 children have a defined mental disorder.
ADHD and Autism are on a meteoric rise!

But WHY?

At the heart of all of these challenges….At the heart of this Storm….Is a brain and nervous system that got overwhelmed and stuck in Fight or Flight

What I do as a pediatric chiropractor addresses that all important WHY

When we address the why…those core neurological stressors, we are on that path to healing. I’m not just a doctor, I am a dad who has walked this journey.

The MISSION of my practice and my life is to walk that journey with the far too many families who have been stuck in the storm far too long.

You are not alone, your child is struggling….and YOU deserve to find out why.

You deserve a doctor and a dad who understands.  That’s me, and I am here to help!!

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