About Us

We believe in families healing together.
We have a vision of a world where families are well connected and full of love and hope.
It is our mission to provide that hope for families in their pursuit of living a happy, healthy, and joyful life through neurologically-focused, subluxation-based chiropractic care.

Here at CJ Chiropractic we understand that your state of health is unique to you. Dr. Eddy and Dr. Bridgewater take the time to understand your condition and help you reach your health goals. Our process in helping you reach your goals includes digging deep into your story and understanding the day to day struggles, finding the cause of what is creating your struggles, utilizing state of the art technology to quantify and locate interference in your nervous system, and calculating a chiropractic care plan tailored specifically to you.

We are honored to serve families along the Front Range and welcome you into ours when you’re ready to take that step!

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