Inflammation is (Not Exactly) the Root of All Disease

By PX Docs Educational Team
Inflammation is (Not Exactly) the Root of All Disease | PX Docs

Each day in our practice we meet parents who have not only exhausted the traditional medical route but are also doing “all the things” and then some naturally. They’ve gone gluten-free, dairy-free, Paleo, Keto, take supplements, use herbs and oils, have done detoxes, foot baths, and more! But, some of the struggles still persist. What gives?

If you have a child going through some health struggles and you’ve tried antibiotics, medications, inhalers, nebulizers, steroids, you name it, and it just hasn’t worked, this is for you. Maybe you’ve tried the natural, nutritional approach and you’re doing a lot of good things to improve that inflammation and the health of your child’s gut and immune system, but they’re not quite there yet. Read on to learn about the key and what we call the “trifecta of good health”. 

Three of the Most Impactful Systems in the Body

The first major system of the body is the central, or what’s called the autonomic nervous system. This is our brain, brain stem, spinal cords, and sensory nerves. It is the most intricate, detailed, vast, and important system of the body. 

Number two is the gut. Chances are, if you’re interested in natural, holistic, and chiropractic, you have learned a lot about the gut, gut-brain connection, leaky gut, and inflamed gut, all these topics we’re going to tackle here today.  

Number three is the immune system, a crucial and important system for the health of our kids at all times. There is a lot of crosstalk between these last two. It’s called the gut-immune system. 

Maybe you’ve heard that 70 to 80% of our immune system, the good probiotics, and beneficial bacteria, are in our gut. You may understand and already work towards the theory that if we don’t have good gut health, we don’t have good immune health. An integrative holistic doc may have told you about the gut-brain connection and that our gut has to absorb, digest, and get all these good neurotransmitters, serotonin, and dopamine. Maybe you’ve heard statements about how inflammation is the root of all diseases and good health starts in the gut. 

These statements are accurate and true, but just a tad incomplete. There’s more to the health story than meets the eye and what we’ve got to do is dive deep into the nervous system to find that missing link. 

The Central and Autonomic Nervous System is Air Traffic Control

The central and autonomic nervous system is the mainframe. It’s the hard drive, operating system, and air traffic control for everything in the body. There’s a statement by a famous Epigenetic researcher and Scientist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, that says the function of the nervous system is to perceive the environment and coordinate the behavior of all other cells. If you put cells together that are similar in nature, job and duty, they become systems. So if we change that, it says the function of the nervous system is to control all other systems. 

True health works when the nervous system communicates through the nerves and controls the gut, motility, and what are called primary functions in chiropractic. It controls its absorption, elimination and has pretty much everything to do with the function and detoxification capacity of the gut and goes directly to the immune system.  

The way it crosstalks, communicates, and controls these two systems is through an important nerve called the vagus nerve. This is the sensory vagus – the rest, digest, anti-inflammatory, social, and emotional. You want to know everything there is to know about the vagus nerve because that is the key to good health. 

Why Are Our Kids Sicker Than Ever Before?

What our children are going through now more than ever is not exposure to toxins. Toxins aren’t brand new, our parents had lead paint, asbestos, menthols, and more assorted toxins.  

It’s not genetics either. Genetics hasn’t changed for our generations in thousands of years because it takes forever for genetics to change. 

This rapid rise in sickness, stress, anxiousness and sensory processing in our children is not genetic or gluten. What HAS changed is the way we bring our children into the world. The Perfect Storm is at the top of this and what happens is our kids are exposed to stress, (or more accurately in understanding stress physiology it’s really distress), during pregnancy, delivery, and early childhood. This is the vacuum, emergency C-section, or cord wrap during delivery. This is a baby who is breached and then can’t latch and is colicky, has reflux, and experiences chronic ear infections. 

All of that stress cements and gets stuck and anchored in the nervous system and it specifically interferes with the function of the vagus nerve. It leaves our body in stress-on-stress mode and stuck there so it can’t go into rest, digest, and immune boost mode. When the central nervous system is stuck on the gas pedal, these two systems don’t work well. They are suppressed and shut down. The gut gets stuck and constipated and eczema, irritation, and reflux flair up. The immune system gets shifted into a pro-inflammatory state. 

The real take home is, that interference to the function of the nervous system is the root of inflammation leaving our children in a pro-inflammatory state. 

Our kids can’t handle gluten, dairy, and chemicals like they used to.  Kids shouldn’t be exposed to chemicals anyway because kids and chemicals don’t mix, but how come there are so many more peanut, pollen, and cat allergies? Are cats new? No! This shows that interference is the root of all diseases, which sets up a cascade of inflammation. 

Good health starts in the brain and nervous system. Neurology dictates physiology, gastroenterology, and immunology. So the neuro gastro immune system is described in that order because that’s how it works. Neuro first, gut second, immune third. 

When this happens, medicine just tries to throw MIRALAX, Nexium, or other medications at the issue. Or they may try nebulizers, steroids, and Mucinex to try to get the job done and it doesn’t. 

Natural or integrative holistic medicine is definitely barking up the right tree by trying to get to the root cause, try probiotics, elderberry and oils. Natural is phenomenal. It’s better to go natural than chemical because the body can handle that. But it’s still going B to A instead of A to B. 

Our real mission with PX Docs and every single one of our Pediatric Chiropractors is to help families understand that good health starts in the nervous system. That inflammation is a big problem, but you need to handle the interference and imbalance that is triggering the inflammation first, which comes from the nervous system. 

When you get inside of a Pediatric Experience chiropractic office, the first step will be to get INSiGHT scans done, which can tell whether or not your child’s nervous system is stressed. If so, a PX Doc can put together a customized and personalized plan to get your child’s central and autonomic nervous system working well. The side effects of chiropractic are phenomenal as well. Improved gut function, boosting of the immune system, anti-inflammatory – so much positivity comes from one simple thing. 

How can the nervous system accomplish all of this? That’s how God designed us. This is an intelligent, incredible design by the Big Man that said – the brain is the boss, we better protect it. The spinal cord is the copilot – we better protect it along with the vertebrae and everything that’s in there. That’s why chiropractic done the way we do it in a PX office can directly connect to that central nervous system. 

We have the scans and technology to measure this. We don’t just guess, we test. So if you need a PX Doc, check out our directory to find local to you. Thank you for digging in. The world needs this information, so please share! Our kids deserve good health. That’s exactly how God designed them and it starts in the nervous system.


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