How to Set Your Family Up For Success, to Kick the Sick

By PX Docs Educational Team

Not just This Season, But AnY Season

How to Set Your Family Up For Success, to Kick the Sick | PX Docs

I read an article today that got me a bit fired up. The title of the article was “Record Surge of Infections in Children”. The article is 12 pages long and goes really in-depth as to why kids are getting so sick and dove into how the last three years have contributed. 

But what really got me fired up was not the why that was in the article, but the fact that the article didn’t provide any answers. Nothing about how to actually kick the sick.

Because no direction was given as to what to do about it, that’s what I want to talk about today. I want to give you ammo for your family. There may be a lot of people getting sick right now – we see that here in our community. There are more sniffles, congestion, and coughs going around than we’ve had in a long time. 

I want to give you some answers as to not only the why, but encouragement that the things you are doing are the right things to help kick the sick, raise your kids as naturally as possible and long term be healthier. This way you won’t be part of that record surge of infections.

Don’t Live In Fear About Getting Sick

When a vast range of the community starts to get sick and experience immune challenges, we can usually expect that to hit us in some sort of capacity. The question we have to ask is how our family is boosted up and ready for that so it doesn’t affect us as much. We need to be prepared to kick allergies and immune challenges the right way.

How often do we stress about that cough being bad or fever spiking up when in reality those are the things we want our body to be doing to help handle those immune challenges?

Over the last three to four years, we haven’t been exposed to as much therefore we haven’t built up our natural immunity. 

Consequently, when we are exposed to those things our body doesn’t quite know what to do. It doesn’t have great practice kicking and fighting it. So if your family is doing a lot of the right things, such as eating healthy, exercising, sleeping well, getting adjusted, being around people, and living your life – that’s a good thing! You’re going to be set up for success even though infection is running rampant around this community right now. So don’t be afraid or fearful because you are in a good spot. 

Setting Your Family Up to Successfully Kick the Sick

Now when we do see the immune and the nervous system get a little bit under the weather because it’s exposed to RSV, Influenza, Covid, Rhinovirus, Croup, or whatever it may be, there are two ways the body will handle it, the TH1 way or the TH2 way. Think of this as your expressive or your suppressive. 

Over the last three years, and I’d even argue before that, the nervous system has really gone through a suppressive way of dealing with sickness. Just on the whole, we suppress it. We have more stress in our lives, we don’t get enough sleep, and we go, go go all the time. So it’s very easy to suppress so then the body never deals with it. It becomes chronic and keeps coming up or when it does come up, it presents itself with a vengeance. 

But if you’re sleeping right, eating right, and getting adjusted weekly (or more) that expressive function is going to help your body to be able to kick it quickly.

For example, what I’ve seen in the office quite a bit lately, are kiddos that get picked up from school because they’re feeling a little under the weather. You notice they’re a little warm, so they get adjusted, head home, drink water, eat some healthy foods and go to bed early.  Then they wake up the next morning feeling a lot better. Even that 12 to 24 hours helped them kick it quickly because the body knew what to do, how to fight it, and kick that sick. 

Feel Empowered – You’ve Got This!

That’s really what we have to shift our mindset to as parents – feeling empowered to help the body do what it was designed to do. You’re already doing the right things, so this is just more fire to let you know that you are on the right track. 

I know it looks different for everybody when we get stuck in that suppressive immune function. It’s not always easy and can be hard to get out of. That’s why we want to help and be there for you. That’s why when we are adjusting and taking care of you and your kiddos, we’re answering your questions. Is it a wet cough or dry cough? Are they congested? Is it in their ears or their throat?  This will help us, help you!

We want to be there to help your kids through it. We know that right now nasty things are going around – but you are set up for success. Check out our PX Docs directory today to find a PX Doc local to you. Do this so you can continue to go out, enjoy the little bit of warm weather we have left and know that even though there may be a record surge of infection, your family can handle it. 


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