Baby Brain Development and healing

By PX Docs Educational Team
Baby Brain Development and healing | PX Docs

The truth is, baby brain development and getting a child’s brain and body to heal is both a complicated and simple process.

It’s complicated not just because the brain and central nervous system are such a vast, intricate, detailed system… but mainly because in today’s world, there are millions of options on how to get the job done.

Approaches for Brain Healing

On one side of the fence, modern medicine continues to use methods formed long ago — mainly pharmaceuticals and traditional, standard movement-based therapies and rehab.

But parents continue to report marginal results with drugs along with a host of nasty side effects and feel the pace of healing from traditional movement-based therapies is simply not fast enough.

That’s why so many parents of children with TBI, ASD, ADHD, SPD, and Emotional Dysregulation challenges turn to natural, neurologically-focused treatment and care options.

But with this move, they end up navigating a minefield of options on their own… not knowing which ones will actually help their child and which ones to start with first.

The biggest challenge within all of this is that the vast majority of these brain-based healing mechanisms become too much, too soon.

When we first started our Perfect Storm neurologically-focused practice, we too did it all! We offered not only chiropractic adjustments, but also neuro-integrative exercises, primitive reflex work, cranial-sacral therapy, nutritional detox, supplementations, and the list goes on.

This was before the use of lasers and neurofeedback devices were even around — and you can put those in the same box as the rest for the purpose of this post. We find that the result of these solutions sounded great on paper, but they provided little change to the patient in a real-life clinical setting.

Simplify the Process

We’re not arguing that those are not effective healing tools — it’s that for most pediatric patients, they are simply too much, too soon.

Brain-based healing actually needs to start with the basics. We have to go back and look at what an infant and young child’s brain is supposed to do because we often find that is (from a level of development) where the patient’s brain is actually stuck (ie. subluxated).

A brain and nervous system do 4 Basic and Simple things:
  1. Eat
  2. Sleep
  3. Poop
  4. Move (motor function).

This is where our Perfect Storm and PX Docs healing plans begin — with the basics first.

Building a House

Think of it like building a new house, where the foundation (motor system), electrical (nervous system), plumbing (digestion), and HVAC (immune system) are all installed before the “finishings” like flooring, paint, design, and decor.

For the injured brain, it’s still the same — you’ve got to get all the way down to the foundation and basic functions first and get them working well again before you move on to the finishings (speech, social, emotional, cognition).

This is what we know and see it working day in and day out. It’s why we’ve got 500+ (and soaring) offices all over the world ready to put it in play for your child! Visit our directory to learn more and find your Pediatric Experience Chiropractor today!



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