Answering Questions on PANDAS, Sensory Processing, and Picky Eaters!

By PX Docs Educational Team
Answering Questions on PANDAS, Sensory Processing, and Picky Eaters! | PX Docs

Where Should You Start?

To get to the root of your kids’ challenges you’ve got to get into their nervous system, so we need to dive into the autonomic and central nervous system.

The most direct impact and the biggest change you can make in your child’s neurology is through a pediatric chiropractic specialist. 

I am trained and certified in all the biomedical, detox, supplements, etc. But the thing that we have found sticking out like a sore thumb unattended to in nearly every PANDAS case is significantly traumatic birth trauma. What we see again and again with birth trauma is that physical trauma to the vertebrae, muscles, ligaments, what we call the neuro-spinal system in the upper neck and cervical spine is what leaves these kids susceptible to the ongoing strep infections, opportunistic challenges, and the inability to detox and get rid of this stuff. 

Why PANDAS Kiddos Have “Poor Plumbing”

There is absolutely a three-way kind of triangle. It’s the nervous system that really connects and modulates the immune system and digestive system and they go in both directions. But when you create what’s called a subluxation in that cervical region, that subluxation leaves everything stuck.

The first thing that gets stuck is what we call “the plumbing”. Kids with PANDAS have a really tough time with this. They cannot get fluid out of their ears, sinuses, throat, or lymphatics and into the respiratory system. There is a literal physical obstruction that keeps this fluid and mucus sitting around longer than it should. 

There is a reason kids with PANDAS don’t handle seasonal changes well and why getting sick can lead to anxiety, sensory challenges, OCD, etc. It is because even when they’re not sick, they won’t be clear until that subluxation and birth trauma element is addressed. Everything else is limited. Any nutritional or dietary intervention, supplementation, essential oils, homeopathic, or anything you try to put into a neurologically stuck and stressed system, is going to have less degree of effectiveness.  

So put that all together. Then, when you add in adjustments, it’s got to be the right kind of adjustments. The biggest thing that even chiropractors miss when taking care of PANDAS kids is not adjusting them in the right spots. 

There is a specific technique and targeting that we use through our scans to know exactly where these kids need to be adjusted to give them the most amount of neurological improvement. 

The Need For Frequent Adjustments

The second thing chiropractors miss with PANDAS is not adjusting frequently enough. A lot of chiropractors will just recommend once a month or every other week for chiropractic care. This may sound like a crazy number, but for PANDAS kiddos and the chronic neuroimmune sensitivity and susceptibility, they need to be adjusted twice a week. 

Then during the seasonal and stressful times, we will ramp up their adjustments to three times a week, and doing so get the most incredible results. Not only do the adjustments do amazing things themselves for that child, but then you get the right adjustments at the right place and frequency and it’s so impactful. This is the absolute art of our PX doc tribe that sets us apart from other chiropractors.

When it comes to PANDAS, the missing link is not just chiropractic care, you’ve got to get pediatric and neurologically focused, subluxation-based pediatric care, and they have to adjust frequently. It makes all the difference in the world. 

We have so many PANDAS kids who used to constantly be on that up-and-down roller coaster and were so sensitive to immune and emotional challenges and seasonal changes. Now that rollercoaster is smooth and those kids are living their best lives, which is our favorite thing in the world. 

Picky Eaters and Sensory Processing

Let’s get into picky eaters and sensory processing.  When I first got certified and trained in my early years as a pediatric chiropractor, I learned all about nutrition, supplements, changes, and the things that could help in that world of sensory. When we would get a sensory kiddo in, after the family would tell us what was going on, we would throw the book at them. The biggest thing that practitioners, guides, and groups miss when helping our sensory perfect storm kids is we’ve got to put things in the right order or sequence. Which a lot of times means we have to be patient.

The best way to help a picky eater and sensory kiddo is to first root out the reasons they’re a picky eater in the first place. Here’s another chiropractic point – sensory processing disorder is a very specific pattern of subluxation in the neck. It generally is a subluxation to do with the second cervical vertebrae nicknamed the axis. C2 and C3 are the most overlooked part of adjusting for a lot of chiropractors. Again, I’m not saying that other chiropractors aren’t absolutely fantastic at helping families, but when you talk about PANDAS, sensory and neuro-perfect storm kids, there is a level of specificity and detail needed. You just can’t know about it until you have taken care of thousands of these kids or you’re in a training program or mentorship program like we provide to other docs and our interns using that experience to put this together. 

Swallowing happens around that second, third, and then mid-cervical. So when there’s a subluxation, those nerves and muscles are sensitive, that is the nature of sensory processing. Certain foods are harder to digest because of those mechanics, the neuro biomechanics interference, and inefficiency. This is why you need to get a chiropractor on your team, a PX doc who knows what they’re doing and you can get rid of that subluxation all of the way

You have to work on chiropractic only for sensory kids for about 90 days before you even want to bother changing their diet or supplements. It takes that long to get rid of the subluxation memory. We’ve all heard of muscle memory, really what that is, is neurological memory. Our brain and central nervous system store this muscle memory in its hard drive, whether it’s good or bad. So what picky eaters and sensory kids have are negative memories about digesting certain foods. The more complex, or “healthy” the food, the more difficult it is for an interfered with, subluxated nervous system to chew, digest, assimilate, and absorb. Those inefficiencies that come from subluxation all the way through that system will pile back up and will essentially re-train that kid’s brain to say – I’m not going within 10,000 feet of that. 

Chiropractic Must Come First In the Batting Order

You have to get subluxation out of the way first. We really need to do is be sequential and put it in the right batting order. You have to get things moving in the right direction neurologically before you can change things dietary and supplement-wise. 

It can take longer than parents want. Some kids amaze us and they get better in a hot minute, but it generally takes 90 days especially if the child is older and has really struggled with this for many years. And by no means is this bad parenting – it’s bad neurology that we need to fix. 

Tying PANDAS, Sensory and Picky Eaters Together

So there is a similar answer for PANDAS, picky eaters, and sensory kiddos. It takes a long, deep, thorough, well-done pediatric, neurologically focused chiropractic care plan. You’ve got to get that job done first, then start to add the other elements to it and really good things will happen for your child. That’s the essence of The Perfect Storm. 

Whether it’s sensory, PANDAS, or anxiety, you actually have to mirror the way that child got sick to get them well. What we see all the time is that before toxins, infections, and emotions – before the delays even showed up – there was that physical birth trauma to the upper neck and brain stem area. Even in our natural holistic world, we’re so obsessed with toxins that we forget about the physical neuromotor elements that actually start the neurological, physiological, and immunological gastro-neurological storm for so many kids. 

So if you want to help your child with their emotions, behavior, diet, and immune system, you’ve got to start with the nervous system first. That means the most important practitioner on your kid’s healthcare team is your neurologically focused pediatric chiropractor. If you need help finding one to get the job done, check out PX Docs to find your local Pediatric Experience doctor. 

We are here to help you with your specific challenges and be there for your child. So just ask for help and we will be there to give it to you. 


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