5 Simple Steps To Get Kids Sleep Back On Track Fast!

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As parents, the week of daylight savings time (springing ahead, or sliding back) can be stressful 😩, especially if kids are already struggling with sleep schedules. These changes can leave the whole family feeling sideways with energy and emotions.

Plus – waking up for school can be so tough that Monday after we spring ahead.

We want to help make this transition as easy as possible.

1. Earlier is always better ⏰

Make rewards and make it fun! Books, songs, snacks, star charts, audiobooks, etc.

2. Use white noise 🎧, fans, or apps.

3. Avoid screens 📱 ideally 1 hour before bedtime

4. Avoid quick/unhealthy energy driving foods. Avoid unnatural colors, carbs, less processed and add more veggies 🥦, berries, nuts, seeds, etc.

5. Make sure the Nervous System is all in Brake Pedal mode.

The brain has 2 modes:

  1. sympathetic (gas pedal)
  2. Parasympathetic (brake pedal).

If your kiddo is stuck and has a busy brain on gas pedal mode – then it’s hard to settle down no matter how many steps you take.

If this sounds like your kiddo, we would love the opportunity to measure his NS – see what his brain is telling his body. It may well be that he or she needs help getting into brake pedal mode.

We’ve helped 1000s of kids, our own included, get better, more restful, easier sleep. Let’s make this change in schedule and seasons the easiest change yet! 💪🏼 Check out the link to find a PX Doc near you!


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