3 Milestones that pave the way for speech, sensory and social development

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Just like building a house, the nervous system develops in phases. Kids develop that way too. So if your kiddo’s struggling with speech, sensory or social challenges, here are some of the developmental phases that might have been missed. 

If they are a little behind, we want to help. Or if you have a baby we’ll go into why we want them to hit these awesome milestones. A lot happens between zero and 18 months in life to get a kiddo upright and walking that’s going to impact so much more when they get further down the road, especially as they start school. That’s when a lot more sensory info comes in, when they’re expected to socialize and their speech has to be more developed. 

I am a dad of four boys and the thing I know is that transition into kindergarten is tough. My six year old Zach is going through that right now and that’s really when they start to get stretched. So I want to go back to take you forward and talk about these three different phases between zero and 18 months that are so, so important to your kiddo’s development. 

0 to 4 Months – Automatic Ease

The first phase is zero to four months, which is a time that is important because they are not doing anything motorized. They’re eating, sleeping, pooping and just being pretty darn cute. That’s all we really want them to do during that phase. We want them to be at ease, that automatic and processing system, while their brain’s working hard, their body’s learning to do all those new things and it’s doing that on autopilot.  

If your child is struggling here, we want to get involved and help them with those things because what that autonomic ease ties to at that point is that sensory system. If they’re not comfortable going to the bathroom, or eating and there’s a lot of reflux, or nursing/latching, that’s going to set their body up developmentally to struggle with the sensory system when it gets older. Things like noise, taste, texture, touch, can all be overwhelming because we didn’t have a good start between that zero to four months. 

4 to 10 Months – Motor Building Blocks

Secondly, when kids get past four months, that’s when we start wanting to see the motor building blocks. That’s when we want them to hold their head up a little bit more, learn how to sit, get up into that sitting position, and finally get their butt up under them and start to crawl. 

This is important because that rolls into the building blocks that eventually get us to walking. All those little gross milestones that they’re hitting to get to walking help ease their brain and not only their sensory system, but also the systems that are going to work on comfortability with social, speech and language development. If they get to step three, that motor gravity integration between 10 and 18 months, and they didn’t hit those milestones, they may not be comfortable walking. 

10 to 18 Months – Motor Integration

That leads into number three because we think of 10 to 18 months as kiddos crawling and starting to get up the stairs. But when they really start to put their feet under them and walk, they’re not only moving from one place to another, there’s also a lot of integration going on in their brain. This is huge because you’ve probably heard it from your pediatrician or read it in a book that they have to walk comfortably before they can talk comfortably. Gravity and that movement help activate those higher levels of the brain to get them very comfortable with speech. 

To get to number three, they really have to conquer one and two first and that’s going to enable more comfort and ease when they hit Preschool and Kindergarten. As I mentioned, this is when the three S’s – sensory, speech and social environment – really pick up.

If you’re a mom or dad and you feel in your gut that your kiddo is behind in one of these three phases, or maybe you already knew they were struggling and you’re looking for something else to help, we would love to help! Please reach out to us or check out our PX Docs Directory to find a PX Pediatric Chiropractor near you.  

Every single kiddo’s a little different, so what we want to do is get them checked and get them scanned. That’s the technology we use in our office to be able to help see where their system might be stressed. That goes with that autonomic phase, those motor phases, and all of that development between zero and 18 months. That’s then going to help them to conquer the speech, sensory or social challenges they may be struggling with right now. We’ve helped thousands of kids with this throughout our community and we want to see your kiddo thrive in what can be those tough years between ages five and seven.


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